M.P. Ted Hsu Joins Protestors Outside Japanese Embassy

Published on: 2011/12/15 - in News

Kingston & the Islands M.P. Ted Hsu joined demonstrators outside the Japanese embassy yesterday, calling for Japan to formally recognize and apologize for its use of “comfort women” during the military expansion by Japan during the 1930s and 1940s.

Over 200 people demonstrated at the Sussex Drive embassy in Ottawa on Wednesday Afternoon, demanding that the Japanese government acknowledge their armed forces’ forced enslavement of primarily foreign women in Asia.

According to a report by CFRA News in Ottawa, Ted Hsu spoke to the crowd, saying  “One step is for the Japanese government to acknowledge and to apologize and to provide a personal recognition to the survivors of the military sexual slavery.”

The station also reported that protesters came from all over Ontario and included 150 students from the Greater Toronto Area who traveled to Ottawa specifically to attend this demonstration.

Along with working in the financial worlds of the United States and France, Ted Hsu was an Executive Director in the Tokyo office of Morgan Stanley in Tokyo, Japan where he met his wife, Tara.


Photo source: Liberal Party Ted Hsu profile page