Provide Input on Proposed Residential Energy Retrofit Program

Published on: 2020/01/29 - in News

Residents are being invited to provide input to the City on a proposed Energy Retrofit Program related to making home improvements that reduce energy use and carbon footprint. According to a release, energy consumed by home heating, cooling is 14 per cent of Kingston’s greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Dave Roewade, City of Kingston Climate Leadership Project Manager, “Saving energy on home heating, cooling, and hot water heaters, can have a tremendous impact on reducing our community’s greenhouse gas emissions – and will also help control residents’ energy costs.”

Residents can complete a 10-minute survey by 4pm on February 17 at the City’s Get Involved Energy Retrofit page. Input from the survey will assist the City in deciding how best to structure the Energy Retrofit Program, which could be piloted as early as this year.

The survey will collect information from homeowners related to:

  • details on home heating/cooling and water heating systems currently used;
  • the barriers residents face to making energy-saving choices; and
  • how homeowners might be motivated to make energy-saving changes.

Additional information:
Conservation tips from Utilities Kingston || City’s Climate Action Tool Kit

Photo: Pixabay (cc)