City Begins Enforcing Summer Watering Restrictions

Published on: 2024/06/25 - in News

The City of Kingston has implemented its annual summer watering restrictions, effective until September 15. During this period, residents and businesses must adhere to specific guidelines based on their civic addresses. Those with odd-numbered addresses may water their gardens and lawns on odd-numbered days, while those with even-numbered addresses may do so on even-numbered days.

The watering guidelines include:

  • Handheld hoses, cans, or buckets may be used at any time on designated days.
  • Sprinklers are permitted from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on designated watering days.
  • Rain barrels can be used at any time to conserve water and energy while maintaining garden health.

Water and wastewater infrastructure is designed to handle peak demand times, typically from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Reducing water use during these hours ensures reliable water reserves and maintains fire protection capabilities.

“As warmer weather sets in each year, we see an increase in demand on our water systems,” stated Heather Roberts, Director of Water & Wastewater Services at Utilities Kingston. “By reducing water use during peak seasons, we can ensure a reliable supply, maintain adequate reserves, and meet community needs sustainably. Your commitment to conserving water is essential.”

Minimizing outdoor water use also reduces pollutants that may end up in Lake Ontario, Kingston’s primary drinking water source. Runoff from sprinklers and hoses can carry pollutants into the storm sewer system, eventually reaching the lake.

“We encourage everyone to adopt water-wise gardening practices. Simple steps can lead to beautiful gardens while conserving water and protecting our environment,” added Caro Casista, Conservation Coordinator at Utilities Kingston.

Tips for water-wise gardening:

  • Using rain barrels to collect and utilize rainwater.
  • Watering early in the morning.
  • Amending soil with organic content to retain moisture.
  • Incorporating drought-tolerant plants into gardens.

For inspiration, residents are invited to visit the Utilities Kingston Water Conservation Garden at 1211 John Counter Blvd. Additional resources and information on ordering a rain barrel are available at

The City of Kingston’s Water Bylaw regulates water restrictions to ensure sustainable water use during peak demand periods. For more information on exemption permits, water-saving tips, and optimizing outdoor water use, visit

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