City to Implement Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Project

Published on: 2024/05/28 - in News

The City of Kingston is set to initiate the Automated Speed Enforcement Pilot Project in September, aiming to enhance road safety within Community Safety Zones, particularly near schools.

The project will employ mobile cameras exclusively within Community Safety Zones to monitor and reduce vehicle speeds. These cameras will be rotated among the zones approximately every three months. In preparation for the program’s commencement, signs indicating future camera locations will be installed 90 days in advance, and active camera zones will have roadside signage.

“This program is focused on improving safety for vulnerable road users like kids on their way to school, which is why it’s being used in Community Safety Zones,” stated Mark Dickson, Manager of Transportation Systems. “Decreasing speed is critical for improving road safety and automated speed enforcement is one strategy that works with others like education, engineering, and police enforcement to change driver behaviour and reduce speeding.”

The selection of camera locations was based on a thorough safety and speed assessment of all community safety zones within the city. The pilot project will operate across various locations for two years, with cameras rotating approximately every three months. A comprehensive review of the program is scheduled for 2026.

Norman Rogers Drive and Lancaster Drive are the initial locations for the implementation of automated speed enforcement, starting this September. The complete list of locations and the rotation schedule will be available soon and posted on the City of Kingston website.

Image: ai