$40,000 Grant to Seniors Association Funds New “Phone From Home” Program

Published on: 2020/09/21 - in News

Thanks to a grant received from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Response Fund and KFL&A United Way to the Seniors Association Kingston Region, there’s a new program in town for local seniors.

Phone From Home” is designed for older adults 50+ and adults with physical disabilities, who are isolated and find it difficult or are reluctant to leave their home, and offers programs on topics of interest are delivered by knowledgeable instructors over the telephone.

“I’ve wanted to bring this program to the area for a long time,” said Don Amos, Executive Director of the Seniors Association. “I’m so excited that we are able to offer it free of charge for the length of the grant.”

“Instructors go the extra mile, research questions they don’t know, and get back to you with answers,” Amos explained. “What a great way to challenge your brain and stay connected without leaving home. Give us a call!”

Angela Winkler, Program Coordinator, says she likes to keep the classes light, fun, and educational, adding “it’s a great way to meet people, hear friendly voices, learn a new topic or participate in a conversation from the comfort of your home. And all you need is a phone!”

Chris N, a participant in the program, described it as providing friendly interactions between participants who share a lot of laughs.

Current topics in the program include Sing Along, Family Feud, Chatty Crafters, Financial Q&A with Dwayne, Plant Parenting, and Trivia.

Visit the Seniors Association Kingston Region website for more information about the “Phone From Home” program.

Established in 1976 as a not-for-profit, charitable organization, Seniors Association Kingston Region is a member-owned, volunteer-driven organization and the central body for coordinating activities, providing services, and representing the interest of seniors throughout the greater Kingston area. The association has 5000 members and operates from The Seniors Centre at 56 Francis Street in Kingston.

Photo: PXfuel (cc)