Invitation to Ask Questions About Proposed Red-Light Camera Program

Published on: 2019/09/18 - in News

Kingston residents have been invited to ask questions about the possible implementation of a red light camera program in the City.

The proposal for red light cameras, which have been operating in other areas of Ontario for almost 20 years, is featured as a safety measure in the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan that was endorsed by council earlier this month.

Later this year, a separate report about red-light cameras will be presented to council for consideration, at which time it will be able to decide whether or not to move forward with the automated enforcement program.

“The red-light camera program specifically addresses one of the emphasis areas identified in the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan; intersections and red-light running,” said Deanna Green, Manager, Traffic Division at the City of Kingston. “Based on current data, we expect the program to result in a 50 per cent reduction in drivers running red lights and a 25 per cent reduction in right-angle collisions.”

Members of the community can submit questions to City staff through the Get Involved Kingston platform beginning today through to Friday, October 11. The questions will be reviewed and respond to by staff as they are received.

The City will also host two public information sessions on Monday, September 30.  The sessions will be held from 2–4pm and 7–9pm in Memorial Hall at City Hall, each beginning with a brief presentation delivered by Transportation Services Department staff and followed by a Q&A session.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (cc)