Queen’s University Students #1 at Balancing Studies and Partying

Published on: 2017/05/29 - in News

Stauffer Library, Queen's University

This month, Maclean’s released the results of its 2016 survey of over 15,000 students across Canada to determine which students spend more time studying and who’s partying the most.

While most of the university students studied for about 14 hours and partied around 3 hours per week, there was a wide range between individual universities and each was assigned a score out of 10 to determine its final rank for each of those activities (10 points for the most hours spent and 1 point for the least hours). Those scores were then added together to determine which students have the best balance between the two.

Although last year Maclean’s had announced Queen’s University students were tops for hours spent studying, they dropped to second spot behind McGill in the most recent survey – with McGill students reportedly studying 21.7 hours per week compared to 19.8 hours by local Queen’s students.

When it came to partying, both St. Francis Xavier and Bishop’s were far ahead of the pack with 8 hours and 7.7 hours per week respectively.

Queen’s students spent much less time than those two schools, but still led the remaining universities with 4.9 party hours each week.

So, when it comes to Queen’s University students, the survey results has Maclean’s concluding:

While Queen’s didn’t place first for either partying or studying they came pretty close. Queen’s students claim they spend an average of 20 hours a week on their studies, the second highest on our report, and almost five hours partying, good enough for the third spot in that category. No other school came close to achieving that level of balance in their studies and partying.

Check out the Maclean’s article by Mark Brown for more details and to see the list of the top 20 schools’ students in Canada.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (Scott17172 pd)