Queen’s University Hosts International Educators

Published on: 2010/06/10 - in News

Queen’s University will host a week-long program aimed at helping international education practitioners learn how to work more effectively in their workplace.

This year the program has attracted more than 150 people to campus, an almost 50 percent increase from last year’s event.

IETP program coordinator Alison Cummings said they were glad to see their program grow steadily over the years, pointing out there were only 42 particpants when they began in 2003.

“International activities are becoming more and more important to universities and certain skills and knowledge are required to be successful in those activities,” she added.

Advisors will cover topics that include working with incoming international students, risk management in international education, and international student marketing.

Reaching beyond study abroad and international student advisors, the program offers something for anybody who deals with internationalization at their schools.

Aimed initially at Canadians, the IETP now attracts international participants, including people from the United States, Mexico and Japan. This year, an educator from France will also be taking part.

Globe and Mail writer Stephanie Nolan, the paper’s former Africa correspondent, will deliver the keynote address on AIDS in Africa at the Queen’s University International Educators Training Program (IETP) which starts on Sunday.

Started by Queen’s University International Centre director Wayne Myles in response to Canadian international educators’ need for practical skills-based training, the IETP positions Queen’s as a leader in training international educators.


Photo source: Curtis Palmer