City Announces Final Property Tax Billing Deferred

Published on: 2021/05/04 - in News

The City of Kingston announced today that due to the provincial Stay-at-Home Order, and the continuing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 final property tax billing has been deferred.

The final bill due date has been deferred to July 30 – instead of on the last business day of June – and property tax bills will be mailed at the end of June.

Property owners who have any concerns about paying their bill are encouraged to call the City at 613-546-0000 to discuss payment options and financial assistance programs.

“Property taxes ensure for the continued delivery of essential services,” explained Jeff Walker, Manager of Taxation. “However, the City recognizes that this continues to be a difficult time for many of our residents. We hope this deferral will provide some relief.”

The City’s Payment Centre locations remain closed during the Stay-at-home Order, so payments can be made instead through online banking, your financial institution, and by using the drop boxes at 1211 John Counter Blvd. or at City Hall’s Market Street entrance.

For taxation or other payments by mail, send a cheque to: City of Kingston – Taxation PO Box 640, Kingston, ON, K7L 4X1.

Photo: Wallpaperflare (cc)