Polls, Survey, Open Houses to Learn Which Budget Items Most Interest Residents

Published on: 2020/09/30 - in News

The City of Kingston has launched a series of weekly polls to better determine which budget topics are of most interest to its residents.

Beginning this week, a poll question will be posted each week until concluding with a final question on Monday, October 12. Following the poll, the City will post a survey to run from October 19 to November 9 and then host virtual open houses in November, collecting additional feedback to help inform 2021 and future City budgets.

“As a member of the community, it’s important that you feel informed about the City’s budget, and that you have an opportunity to share your input,” said Desiree Kennedy, the City’s Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. “These polls will help us introduce these topics and hone our approach toward a made-in-Kingston open budgeting process.”

Undertaking an open budget process enables the community to learn about the structure of the municipal budget and how budgeting decisions are made, provide input on priorities, and influence the allocation of public resources.

“We know the pandemic will impact your feedback and how we receive it,” added Kennedy. “While in-person open houses were initially planned they will now be held virtually, with the option for residents to request a mail-in survey, call-in or email their feedback. We want to hear directly from residents what areas of the budgeting process they want to learn more about, and where they would like to have more input.”

More information can be found online about the Council-endorsed multi-phase plan for adopting an open budget process in a July Report to Council.

Image: AlphaStockImages | Nick Youngson (cc)