Petition Calls on City Council to Open New Shelter Spaces

Published on: 2019/04/13 - in News

A petition has been launched by Kingston Coalition Against Poverty calling on Kingston city council to open new shelter spaces with at least 20 new beds.

“With a new council in office, they’ve called for public input, and we view this as the perfect time to let them know that we feel that five years of closing shelters hasn’t been working,” said the organization in a release. “The housing wait list has gone up, the number of homeless people in Kingston hasn’t gone down, and conditions are getting worse for them each day.”

The Coalition states it believes city council when they say that they are serious about influencing positive change, and wants to help them do that ‘by letting them know that the public support is there to open new shelter space.’

The petition addressing Kingston City Council and the Mayor, including additional details about its proposals, can be found at this page.

Photo: via Flickr (cc)