Nominate an Outstanding Kingstonian for a Civic Award

Published on: 2020/05/04 - in News

Nominations for the City of Kingston’s 22nd annual Civic Awards – honouring outstanding Kingstonians for their significant contributions to the community – are now open to the public.

“Amidst the current pandemic, I’ve been beyond inspired by the countless acts of bravery, kindness, goodwill and positivity, from people of all ages who want to uplift and support our community in these challenging times,” said Mayor Paterson. “It’s the incredible people who invest their time and energy that make this community great, and it’s a special honour to be able to recognize some of them this year.”

If you know someone deserving of this honour, nominate him or her for one of the following awards by May 22nd:

The Civic Award for Youth Volunteerism recognizes youth in three categories (Grades 5-8, Grades 9-12 and post-secondary youth up to age 24) who demonstrate leadership, care and compassion and/or ability to overcome personal challenges, motivate others or use special skills to improve the community’s quality of life.

The First Capital Distinguished Citizen and Honourable Achievement awards recognize volunteers of all ages for their community contributions, with the First Capital Distinguished Citizen Award recognizing a lifetime of volunteer work while the Honourable Achievement Awards recognizes more specific efforts.

Nomination forms must be submitted by 4 pm on May 22, after which they will be reviewed to confirm eligibility and then sent on to the selection committee.

More information and access the nomination forms can be found at

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Laslovarga (cc)