Four School Crossings Receiving New Signalized Pedestrian Crossings

Published on: 2021/09/21 - in News

The City of Kingston is adding four new signalized pedestrian crossings for school crossings at Taylor Kidd at Pembridge , Bayridge at Bayridge Park , Montreal at MacCauley , and Weller at Wiley .

“Signalized pedestrian crossings give pedestrians the right-of-way when crossing busier roadways. Traffic along the main roadway is controlled by pedestrian-activated traffic signals, and pedestrian signals for the crosswalk indicate to pedestrians when it is safe to cross,” says Marissa Mascaro, Manager, Transportation Infrastructure.

Construction of the new pedestrian crossings started last month with the intent to “improve Kingston’s walkability, create safe routes to school and better connect its active transportation network”.  The first new signal activated today at Taylor Kidd with all four crossing upgrades expected to be installed by mid-October. However, even after being completed, these locations will continue to be staffed with crossing guards.

The City says it is continuing to review input received through public engagement on additional pedestrian crossing locations and will be reporting back to Council with recommendations on candidate locations later this year.

The signalized pedestrian crossings work as follows:


  • Push the button near the crossing to activate the pedestrian signal
  • Wait for the walk signal before proceeding
  • Pay extra close attention to vehicles that may be turning from side streets

Motorists and Cyclists:

  • * Motorists and cyclists must yield to pedestrians crossing the main or side street before proceeding
    * Side streets are controlled by stop signs – only proceed if it’s safe to do so
    * Motorists and cyclists on the main road must follow the traffic signals

The City has provided the following animated video to demonstrate how intersection pedestrian signals work:

Release: City of Kingston
Photo (edited): Pixabay (cc)