Brockville-Born Dentist is Ontario Dental Association’s New President

Published on: 2019/06/03 - in News

Brockville-born Dr. Kim Hansen, a dentist practicing in nearby Prescott since 1985, is the new president of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Dr. Hansen says he hopes to end access to dental care barriers and bring mental health issues to the forefront.

According to a release, a driving factor for Dr. Hansen has been making sure people get the dental care they need – both in his own community and also for visitors.

He was the first local dentist to volunteer his services to the Canadian Aid for Chernobyl, an organization that provides humanitarian and medical aid to people still affected by the 1986 nuclear disaster.

The Brockville-based charity is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid and medical assistance to those affected by the Chernobyl event, which has recently garnering renewed public interest with the new HBO mini-series ‘Chernobyl’, available in Canada on CraveTV.

The organization’s primary focus, according to its ‘About Us‘ page, is on the most vulnerable victims – the children – by offering a healthy respite, dental and medical care in Canada to those who continue to live each day amidst the extreme radioactive pollutants.

2019 initiatives outlined by the agency includes connecting families in Chausy, Belarus with running water and indoor plumbing; shipping containers of humanitarian aid, food and family boxes to the regions most impoverished people; creating a rescue home for children living in dangerous family or foster family situations; plus a wide variety of initiatives for orphans and for children with physically, mentally and medically challenged.

In 1996, Dr. Hansen began treating over a dozen orphans brought to Canada for an annual health respite and has continued treating those same kids even after they grew up and returned to Canada for their yearly visit with children of their own.

Dr. Hansen is hoping to keep the mental health conversation going with both patients and fellow dentists and their staff by creating a proactive wellness program.

“Mental health is a major societal issue that is starting to get the attention it deserves,” he said. “We see how stress manifests in our patients’ health in various ways and dentists are no different. As President of the ODA, it’s my goal to help end the stigma and talking about it is a great first step.”

The Ontario Dental Association is the voluntary professional association that is the province’s primary source of information on oral health and the dental profession. Established in 1867, it now represents over 9,000, or nine in 10, dentists across Ontario.

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