New Look for Queen’s University Campus Security and Emergency Services

Published on: 2020/03/13 - in News

Campus Security & Emergency Services at Queen’s University has revealed a new look and a new logo along with obtaining personal protective equipment and high visibility jackets.

According to a release, their new, more highly recognizable patrol uniform was chosen in consultation with a number of campus groups that include the Alma Mater Society and the School of Graduate Studies.

“Campus Security has become a more investigative unit and supervises all other security contractors on campus,” reads the statement. “As such, the campus community needs to be able to tell our staff apart from other security staff working at various locations around campus.”

The newly obtained personal protective equipment will help ensure the safety of the campus community as well as Campus Security staff, who work after traditional hours and often deal with people not associated with the university or unwelcome on campus.

Check out the new logo and uniforms in the department’s social media posts below and on its website:

Queen’s University Campus Security & Emergency Services has a new look!Our goal is to become highly recognizable on…

Posted by Queen's University Campus Security and Emergency Services on Friday, March 13, 2020

Top photo: John Marino (pd)