MPP Calls for Gananoque to End Street Hockey Ban

Published on: 2019/06/21 - in News

Michael Coteau, MPP for Don Valley East, was in Gananoque yesterday as part of his Eastern Ontario leadership tour and took the opportunity to call on town council to rescind a section of municipal by-law 2015-070 which bans road hockey.

The third-term Liberal MPP is the former Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and of Children and Youth Services who describes himself as being a “firm believer in a simple mantra—let kids be kids”.

Coteau, who was joined for the tour stop by Gananoque Mayor Ted Lojko and Councillor Mike Kench, cited the health benefits of physical activity and said sports also teaches kids about communication, teamwork, compromise, patience and perseverance.

“Most importantly, play and sports provide a sense of belonging,” he added. “While safety is vital and important, I believe this is one of those instances where politicians are getting in the way; the best thing we can do is just let kids be kids.”

In 2016, Coteau wrote to the City of Toronto and asked them to overturn their own ban on road hockey, which they did after adding some conditions related to safety.

“Road hockey bans are commonplace in municipalities across Ontario, but they don’t need to be,” Coteau said “A vote to overturn the prohibition and let kids play will challenge other municipalities to abolish similar road hockey bans in their own communities.”

Coteau visited the Gananoque Town Hall and Farmers’ Market before traveling to Kingston where he took part in a ‘Happy Hour with Supporters’ event at the Alibi on Princess Street.

Top photo: USAF | Staff Sgt. Danielle Quilla