Thunder Bay Mayor Accepts Mayor Paterson’s “Commuter Challenge”

Published on: 2019/05/23 - in News

Mayor Bryan Paterson challenged Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro yesterday to a friendly wager between the two cities to determine the top city in this year’s “Commuter Challenge”.

“#CommuterChallenge2019 #YGK [Kingston] had the highest participation rate for a Canadian mid-sized city for 5 years,” Mayor Paterson wrote on Twitter. “Last year we were bested by @CityThunderBay. Looking forward to reclaiming our spot! Mayor Mauro, how do you feel about a friendly challenge? Is the sleeping giant up for it?”

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The City of Thunder Bay responded to the post, confirming Mayor Mauro had accepted the challenge, and it was later decided that the city with the highest number of Commuter Challenge participants will be named the winner.

Following the competition results, the winner will provide a shirt “quintessential’ to their city that the losing City’s mayor will wear on June 17 as he raises the other city’s flag.

“This is a friendly competition,” explained Mayor Paterson. “At the end of the day, our real goal is to encourage more people to participate in Commuter Challenge.”

“Last year, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who participated in Commuter Challenge,” said Mayor Mauro. “This year, we are set to be impressed again. More and more, our residents acknowledge the positive impact leaving their cars at home has on our health and environment.”

Commuter Challenge is an annual event taking place across Canada from June 2-8 that invites residents to bike, walk, bus, roll, carpool or tele-commute to work instead of using their vehicle.

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Photo (cropped): PXhere (cc)