Two Donations Announced for The Matby Centre

Published on: 2021/09/29 - in News

The Matby Centre has announced two donations received this month to support youth mental health programs provided by the agency.

RBC Financial Group donated $20,000 to support transitional aged youth mental health programs, which will help fund the expansion of Maltby’s Mental Health Now – Counselling Access for Youth program. The service supports clients aged 18 to 24 who require immediate mental health counselling support. It is offered free of charge and is self-referred.

Last year, the Maltby Centre – Mental Health & Autism Services for Children & Youth – provided 118 sessions to 97 youth clients aged 18-24 as part of the program that has already been funded exclusively by the RBC.

“We are so pleased to financially partner with RBC in our transitional aged youth mental health program. Access to mental health services for this age group is challenging,” said Karen Fleming, Executive Director. “This financial gift from RBC allows Maltby to reduce access barriers for this client group in KFLA. RBC is making a difference in our community and changing lives through this gift.”

According to the Matby Centre, the Pandemic has significantly increased the need for mental health services in the local area.

“More than ninety percent of transitional aged youth who get access to a single therapy session in a timely, equitable way find the solutions they need to move forward positively,” states a release from the organization. “Just over half of the program’s clients needed no immediate follow-up services.”

Left to right: Derek Evans, Kaitlyn Lambert, Roger Davidson, Heather Lambert, Karen Fleming

Also announced this week was a donation of over $20,000 from the Lambert family and friends.

The donation is part of the Tyler Lambert Memorial fundraising event and will go towards male youth mental health services. Tyler passed away from suicide in 2019 at the age of 18 years and this gift honors his memory.

Photos: submitted | Top (RBC) – Left to Right: Derek Evans, Karen Livicker and Christine Bellamy