Kingston Transit Service Reductions Will Begin Tuesday, March 17

Published on: 2020/03/16 - in News

Kingston Transit has announced it will begin operating on a Saturday service schedule six days per week from Monday to Saturday beginning Tuesday, March 17. It will continue operating on a Sunday service schedule on Sundays.

This change will result is reduced frequency of trips on Express routes on weekdays when buses will now run every 30 minutes. Travel across Kingston is still possible on Saturdays but may require a different route and adjusting to account for a possible difference in travel time.

Passengers should note that real-time apps they may use will not reflect these changes, so they should refer to Saturday and Sunday service at the City’s Bus Schedules page.

Kingston Transit states that these service changes are being enacted due to the recent decline in ridership because of cancelled events and post-secondary classes. It also confirmed increased sanitizing practices on all common touchpoints aboard buses is continuing.

These service changes remain in place until further notice and additional changes are possible.

UPDATE: An extra bus is being added to better allow for ‘social distancing’ by passengers.

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Photo source: Limestone District School Board