Kingston Police Investigate and Solve Copper Theft

Published on: 2011/09/09 - in News

The Kingston Police Criminal Investigations Unit, involved in an ongoing investigation for incidents of copper theft in the city beginning on August 24th, report an arrest has been made in that case.

According to police, the first offense occurred when a man entered a construction site at Sir John A. MacDonald and Princess Street.  After entering the building, he began cutting copper water pipes but was interrupted by staff and fled the scene.

Two days later, the man returned to the same area at approximately 7:30 am. On that date, he cut two copper lines that resulted in damage to the building’s main air conditioning unit. The individual again returned to the scene on September 4th, 2011 at 5:29 p.m.  Carrying a saw and treble light kit, the man proceeded to steal approximately 250-300 feet of copper and aluminum.

Based on information and evidence obtained by police – including  security video surveillance from all three incidents – the accused was spoken to on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 and agreed to turn himself in.

During his interview with police, the man also admitted breaking into Dalton Ave & Warne Crescent area business early in August where he stole rolls of copper wiring.  He again returned later in that month, between August 19-22, and cut a hole in the fence of a locked compound and stole another roll of copper.

Police have charged a 45 year old male with five counts of Break and Enter and two counts of mischief. He was most recently reported as remaining in custody while waiting for a bail hearing.