City to Receive Only Paperless, Online Bids for Procurement

Published on: 2020/01/23 - in News

The City of Kingston has announced it will only receive online bids for contracts, goods and services beginning Monday, February 4.

All bids must then be submitted via the Biddingo website, where the City has been publicly advertising for years and therefore a familiar platform for most suppliers. Interested parties not familiar with the service will be offered online training by the City to allow them to submit proposals online as well.

“This is about streamlining our process and making it more environmentally friendly,” said Ahmed Zayan, Procurement Manager. “We are eliminating the need for potential suppliers to submit a paper copy of bids, so they no longer need to generate a printout or drive a copy down to City Hall.”

According to a release:

Suppliers may log into the tool and submit at any time prior to the closing time from any remote location. Once submissions are received online, suppliers will be able to automatically view the results on the landing page after City staff has completed their evaluation of each submission.

Details about available bidding opportunities can be found on Kingston’s Biddingo procurement page or by signing up for the online training.

Photo (cropped): James McIntyre (cc)