City Launches Household Travel Survey

Published on: 2019/09/16 - in News

The City of Kingston is launching its Household Travel Survey today – a voluntary program where selected households, chosen at random, report on their travel within the city over a 24-hour period.

Titled “Kingston Moves”, the survey collects data that will be used to inform future planning of the City’s transportation system and services.

“Residents who participate in the Kingston Moves survey are helping to shape our transportation future,” said Ian Semple, Director, Transportation Services Department. “Having an understanding of how, where and why residents are travelling within Kingston is invaluable as we work towards achieving Council’s strategic priority to improve walkability, roads and transportation in our city.”

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Update: Watch this brief City of Kingston video with Mayor Paterson explaining Kingston Moves:


Selected households will receive a letter in the mail from Mayor Paterson that contains additional information about the survey – which can be completed by phone or online – along with that household’s unique participant ID.

Households that complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win a cash prize of $500 or one of sixty $25 e-gift certificates.

The Kingston Moves survey is being administered on behalf of the City of Kingston by R.A. Malatest & Associates, an independent research firm with experience in municipal and regional travel surveys.

Image: AlphaStockImages | Nick Youngson (cc)