Kingston Humane Society Offering Microchip Clinic

Published on: 2015/06/08 - in News

On Sunday, June 14th, the Kingston Humane Society will be holding a microchip clinic from 11 am to 1 pm.

Shelters and many veterinary clinics are able to scan found animals and received owner contact details from the microchip company’s database. According to the organization, having a pet microchipped typically reduces the time required to reunite lost animals with its owner.

Microchip implants will cost $40 per animal, a price that the Kingston Humane Society points out is a small amount when considering potential stray animal pound fees, in addition to reducing anxiety by both the owner and their lost pet.

“A microchip implant is an important way to ensure you can be quickly reunited with your lost pet” said Kingston Humane Society executive director, Connie Ball. “It links the finder to an owner database. Owners can also update as their contact information so it is accurate over the lifetime of the pet. ” Microchips have a distinct advantage over tattoos and collars. Collars can be easily removed or lost, while tattoos can become illegible and information retrieval can be slow or impossible due to incomplete record keeping.

Lost or stray pets that come into the centre are routinely checked with an electronic scanner in hopes of locating owners accurately and quickly.

The June 14 Microchip Clinic will take place in the Kingston Humane Society at 1 Binnington Court.

Limited appointments are available and pre-registration & advance payment is required by phone, at 613-546-1291, or at the shelter. Appointments are non-refundable.

This article was updated to reflect the clinic’s revised hours of 11 am to 1 pm.

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons