Kingston Man’s Football Pools Picks Wins Him $65,874.70

Published on: 2019/10/18 - in News

The OLG announced today that Kingston’s Phillip Golland is the latest POOLS winner of $65,874.70 after picking the correct result for all 14 games on a Football Pools Card (#78, List #1305).

“I watched the games, so I knew I won, but I was eager to find out how many others won. It was a big day for me!” Golland told the OLG Prize Centre, while picking up his winnings.

Saying he is both excited and “flabbergasted”, the married grandfather isn’t entirely sure yet of his plans for the money, but said he would “probably help out the kids and maybe book a cruise.”

Golland purchased his ticket at Circle K on Milford Drive in Kingston.

POOLS is the sports game that’s easy to play. Each $5 wager allows you to pick your sport and Card number and select who you think will win each matchup. Get the most correct picks and win or share the prize pool.

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