$92.8 Million Invested in Climate Action by City

Published on: 2022/05/06 - in News

Kingston City Hall

Kingston City Council revealed this week that it has committed over $92.8 million since 2019 to municipal programs, projects, and infrastructure to support the reduction and avoidance of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from municipal operations and the Kingston community.

“You invest in the things that matter, and as Mayor of Kingston, but also as a father, I am proud of the innovative programs, technologies, and conservation efforts these dollars have helped realize, and the ripple effect they will have for years to come,” said Mayor Bryan Paterson.

Funded in part by municipal tax dollars as well as upper levels of government, this investment is directed at projects linked specifically to reducing GHG emissions – including building energy retrofits and purchasing electric vehicles – in addition to projects with indirect impact, such as expanding public transit to help take cars off the road.

“The City of Kingston set a target to be carbon neutral no later than 2040,” said Julie Salter-Keane, Manager, Climate Leadership at City of Kingston. “This target is a decade more aggressive than most other municipal governments. To achieve this goal, we need significant investment and progressive programs, which is exactly what the City is delivering.”

The complete information report to council can be reviewed online. 

PhotoDoug Kerr (cc)