City Video Explains Proper Use of New Downtown Bike Box

Published on: 2019/10/21 - in News

The intersection of Princess and Division streets has become the first installation of a bike box in Kingston, and a City ‘explainer video’ (below) describes how motorists and bicyclists are to interact with it.

A bike box is a green road marking that outlines the area bicycles can use at a signalized intersection, allowing cyclists to move ahead of motorized vehicles into a safe, visible location when the traffic signal is red.

“Bike boxes are one type of cycling infrastructure the City is implementing to make it easier for residents to get around using active modes of transportation. Bike boxes make it easier and safer for a cyclist waiting at an intersection to make a left turn,” explained Ian Semple, the City of Kingston’s Director of Transportation Services, in a release.

As detailed in the below video, the bike box improves safety at the intersection by making motorists more aware of any cyclists and also restricts drivers from making right turns in front of cyclists who are approaching from behind.

Find more information, visit the City’s Cycling Infrastructure page and view the following video: 

Image: Richard Masoner (cc)
Video: The City of Kingston on Youtube