Input Sought on a Draft Community Standards By-Law

Published on: 2023/07/17 - in News

The City of Kingston is seeking feedback and input from various stakeholders, encompassing community groups, partner organizations, businesses, and residents, on a recently drafted Community Standards By-Law.

In a decision made on June 29, 2022, the City Council directed staff to prepare a by-law aimed at deterring specific types of nuisance behaviors that may impact the community. The draft is now available for public review on the Get Involved Kingston site, and it addresses a range of key issues, such as odours, construction materials and dust, idling, feeding of wildlife, textile collection sites and flyers, safe use of public spaces, and damage to city property.

According to Andrew Reeson, Senior Legal Counsel, the City of Kingston places paramount importance on the safety and well-being of its community members and visitors, while fostering an environment that is pristine and enjoyable, where everyone feels embraced and included. “The vision of the Community Standards By-Law is for community members to continue working together to create a livable community, as previously laid out in the City’s Good Neighbour Guide,” he affirmed.

As the process moves forward, the valuable feedback collected from the public will play an instrumental role in refining the by-law and ensuring it effectively addresses the unique needs of the community.

Community members are encouraged to take part in the review and commentary process, which will remain open until August 18. For those who prefer alternative means of submitting their comments or require special accommodations to do so, call 613-546-0000.