Online Event to Discuss Potential Impact of Asian Carps on Great Lakes

Published on: 2021/03/01 - in News

Members of the public are invited to join the Invasive Species Centre on Wednesday, March 3rd at 1pm EST for an online information session as part of the Ontario Invasive Species Forum.

This session aims to help answer questions including those related to the Asian carps and how they might impact the Great Lakes, while focusing on Canadian research surrounding risk assessments, non-physical barrier technologies, tributary/spawning suitability, and the potential impacts of climate change.

The event is free and will feature an update from Fisheries and Oceans Canada on their Asian Carp Program, presentations from researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, and a question and answer period with the presenters.

Worth an estimated $13 billion annually, the Great Lakes could potentially be devastated by Asian carps both ecologically and economically if the species were to establish.

Asian Carps grow very large very quickly and have huge appetites that match and could easily outcompete native species for food and resources. Subsequent impacts on the fishing industry and sport may then include decreasing biodiversity of popular angling species, boating by reducing water quality, and other forms of recreational water use.

Register now to attend this virtual information session. Spots are limited.

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Photo (grass carp): Invasive Species Centre