City Issues Reminder on Illegal Use of Accessible Parking Spaces

Published on: 2020/03/10 - in News

The City and the Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee has issued a reminder to Kingston drivers to be aware of the impact on those with disabilities when you park illegally in an accessible parking space.

Over 7,000 people in the city with visible or invisible physical disabilities have a provincially-issued accessible parking permit. The permits are issued to those who have disabilities that make it difficult to navigate long distances without difficulty, pain and/or putting their health and safety at risk.

“It’s not about the accessible parking spaces being closer to where I need to go,” said Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee member David Grightmire. “Accessible parking spaces are wide, so I can get my chair in and out of my van safely. Accessible parking spaces are located to provide the easiest access for parkers near their destination.”

There are 200 designated accessible parking spaces in the city and on-street accessible parking can be paid for using the HONK app. There is a fine of $300 for parking in a designated accessible parking space without a permit.

Photo (cropped): Wikimedia Commons