Housing Options Offered to Support Kingston Healthcare Workers

Published on: 2020/04/11 - in News

Front-line healthcare workers in Kingston looking for short-term housing options have a new website to connect them with property owners offering discounted accommodations for them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are looking for property owners that have furnished apartments, houses or heated camper-trailers available for immediate, short-term, deeply-discounted use, and providing listings to healthcare workers on a daily basis” said Andrew McCann, one of the volunteer organizers of the project whose partner is a family doctor working at Kingston’s Community Assessment Centre. “We need more folks to come forward offering space for healthcare workers in need.”

Local organizers credit the creators of healthworkerhousing.ca for sharing their experience and expertise in helping to set up the Kingston site and forms, writing: “This project started as a response to a social media plea made by a front-line nurse in Victoria, BC who was unable to find alternate housing during the outbreak to keep her family safely distanced.”

The effort connects healthcare workers with safe, furnished, deeply-discounted accommodations near their workplace so that they can work without having to go home and risk contaminating their families.

“Our Facebook page was originally set up by Ashley Cameron in Prince Edward County. She was very responsive when we suggested we work together to partner up with the Health Worker Housing project from Victoria, BC” said Sheila Nemcsok, a volunteer organizer and local lawyer.

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Photo: Pixabay (cc)