New Graphic Illustrates City’s Current Climate Actions

Published on: 2019/12/19 - in News

A new graphic outlining Kingston’s current climate actions has been posted by the City. Its goal is to inspire residents to make changes to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Reducing GHGs can help mitigate the effects of climate change and Mayor Bryan Paterson said the graphic illustrates the changes the City is making in a clear and effective way.

“One of our strategic priorities is to demonstrate leadership on climate action,” Paterson said. “We’re taking action and it’s important that we communicate those steps to our residents. That’s what this graphic does.”

The City declared a climate emergency on March 5 to ‘add urgency to existing plans to reduce its carbon footprint and has since set ambitious targets to reduce GHGs.’

Staff have been directed by Council to reduce corporate GHG emissions by 15 per cent from 2018 levels by 2022 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

“We have so many exciting projects happening across the City and this graphic puts them all in one place,” said Julie Salter-Keane, Community Projects Manager. “We wanted to let people know about the work we’re doing – and to show them reducing GHGs is about the daily choices we make: how we manage our spaces, what we buy and how we get around the city.”

View the City of Kingston’s graphic here

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Laslovarga (cc)