Death Doula Hosts Open Discussion on ‘Getting Comfortable with Death’ in Community Event

Published on: 2023/01/20 - in News

Death is a complex and often emotional topic that can be difficult to discuss. However, discussion, reflection, and community connections can help people manage anxieties and face the facts of human mortality.

To help facilitate this, death doula and educator Siobhan Skehan is hosting “Getting Comfortable With Death,” an open discussion not connected to specific religious beliefs.

The event is part of a broader collective called the Date With Death Club and will be held on February 8th from 5:30-7:45 p.m. at the Central Branch. Registration is required and can be completed online or over the phone at 613-549-8888.

Siobhan Skehan, a former high school teacher, now offers death doula support and provides community-based death and dying education. She is passionate about spreading the message that “doing death differently” is possible and encourages people to explore mortality in community, make connections and learn what death doulas do.

Jake Miller, Librarian, Adult Programming, emphasizes that resources will be provided for everyone who attends the event. He hopes that people come away with a better understanding of what death means to them and how they want to approach mortality.