Flood Warning for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River due to Strong Winds

Published on: 2020/02/27 - in News

Cataraqui Conservation has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook for Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River due to the forecasted strong winds, storm surge and high waves.

Strong winds across the lower Great Lakes that began Wednesday are expected to last through to Friday. Windspeeds of 35 to 45 km/hr with gusts from 80 to 100 km/hr are predicted for Thursday, peaking until evening hours, followed by reduced but still moderately high winds in the 30 to 40 km/hr range on Friday.

Due to this storm event, waves and storm surge are expected to cause flooding concern in Lakes Ontario, St. Clair and Lake Huron shorelines. The high winds are expected to increase water levels further in localized areas due to wave uprush.

While widespread flooding is not expected as a result of this storm, the Flood Outlook Statement was issued by the CRCA to alert municipalities and residents in flood prone and low-lying areas to the potential for localized flooding and erosion impacts.

Anyone who witnesses flooding and requires assistance should contact their local municipality first. While the CRCA does not provide sandbags it does provide details on where to purchase sandbags on its Flood page, which also features information on water levels, wind and wave forecasts, and Provincial flood messages.

This Watershed Conditions Statement will remain in effect until (or updated before) 11:59 PM February 28, 2020 and the previous issued ‘Water Safety’ statement also remains in effect until (or updated before) 11:59 PM March 25, 2020.

Photo: Pixabay (cc)