Kingston Fire & Rescue Reminds Residents to be Fire Safe on Halloween

Published on: 2020/10/28 - in News

Kingston Fire & Rescue (KFR) is reminding the community to think about fire prevention and safety this Halloween along with KFL&A Public Health’s COVID-19 precautions recommendations.

“We know Halloween might look different for a lot of people this year,” said Delbert Blakney, Fire Inspector with KFR.. “But one thing that should remain consistent is our attention to fire safety!”

At home, never use candles in decorative paper bags or jack-o-lanterns. Instead, use battery-operated lights or glow sticks. If you must use a candle, use a tea light in a non-combustible holder and never leave it unattended.

Candlelit pumpkins should be placed on sturdy tables or surfaces away from areas that may come in contact with costumes, curtains or other combustible materials. Children and pets should always be kept away from candles.

If your home features holiday lighting or special effects, never overload electrical outlets and have exit doors unobstructed.

Best practices for trick-or-treater costumes include ensuring they are fire retardant and reflective. Also, keep costumes short and avoid loose clothing and capes to reduce the chance of tripping and to minimize the risk of contact with candles.

Children should also be taught to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothing catches fire – STOP immediately, DROP to the ground and cover face, and ROLL over and over to extinguish the flames.

Trick-or-treaters should carry a flashlight with fresh batteries or glow sticks and be reminded of traffic safety rules.

Photo: PixaBay (cc)