Candidates and the Public Invited to Learn about New Election Sign Bylaw

Published on: 2019/09/11 - in News

Members of the public, candidates and their campaign teams have been invited to attend a City of Kingston hosted information session about the new Election Sign Bylaw.

Bylaw Number 2019-100, “A Bylaw To Regulate Election Signs in the City of Kingston“, passed by city council on August 16, contains new rules regarding the placement of election signs in the city that will be enforced during the upcoming Federal Election in October.

“The biggest change to the Election Sign Bylaw is council’s decision to prohibit election signs on all City property, including boulevards along streets,” said Kyle Compeau, acting supervisor, licensing & enforcement for the City of Kingston.

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Other election sign changes include:

  • Election signs will only be permitted on private property with the permission of the property owner or occupant;
  • All election signs are prohibited on or adjacent to a cemetery;
  • All election signs are prohibited within 50 metres of a voting place on any advance voting day and voting day;
  • Election signs on private property shall be no larger than 1 metre (3.25 feet) by 2 metres (6.5 feet) and no higher than 2.15 metres (7 feet) above ground level, except for campaign office election signs, billboard election signs and vehicle wraps; and
  • No more than two election signs per candidate are permitted on each residential or non-residential street frontage of a private property.

The information session takes place on Thursday, September 19 from 2pm to 4pm in Rooms A & B at the INVISTA Centre, 1350 Gardiners Rd. Along with being presented with information, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the new Election Sign Bylaw.

Interested parties are also encouraged to review a complete copy of Bylaw Number 2019-100 on the City of Kingston website.