Try Out New, Improved Dropbikes at Official Launch Event

Published on: 2019/04/30 - in News

The City is inviting cyclists in the community to come out and try new, improved Dropbike bicycles at the official launch event on May 13 in Springer Market Square.

These new bikes feature a number of improvements over the previous version used for the 2017 pilot program, dozens of which were collected to be sent for recycling earlier this month.

New upgrades to the Dropbikes include adding gears, now compatible with the bike racks on Kingston Transit, improved the locking technology on the bikes, and the Dropbike app is easier to use.

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Dropbike Inc., provider of the community bike-share program in Kingston, are reported to be bringing in the new bikes this week to be available at 50 bike haven locations around the city.

“We understand the benefits to active transportation and fighting climate change when people use bicycles instead of cars,” said Paul MacLatchy, the City’s environment director. “Community bike sharing offers this affordable service in cities around the world.”

The bicycles can be rented for short-term use through the Dropbike mobile app, picking up a bike from one of the bike haven location and leaving it at another when finished.

To use the Dropbike service, visit or search Drop Mobility in your preferred mobile app store and download the mobile app.

Photo: Screencap – Dropbike video