Dropbike Cancels its 2020 Bike-Share Season Due to Pandemic

Published on: 2020/07/23 - in News

The City of Kingston reports being informed that Dropbike has cancelled its 2020 bike-share season in Kingston due to “operational challenges caused by COVID-19.”

The 2020 season was going to be the last year of its three-year licence agreement with the City to provide community bike sharing services.

“The loss of the community bike share is disappointing,” said Paul MacLatchy, the City’s Environment Director. “But we are living in unprecedented times and understand how the pandemic might impact the ability to operate this type of business. City staff will be working to determine options for bringing bike sharing back to Kingston in 2021.”

This decision will cause no financial impact to the City’s operating budget, according to a media release, as Dropbike receives no payment from the City to run its service under the terms of the licence agreement.

Photo: Screencap – Dropbike video