City Invites Residents to Join Waste Diversion Focus Group

Published on: 2019/05/16 - in News

During the first week of June, the City of Kingston will be holding focus groups to discuss new strategies that could be implemented to divert at least 65 per cent of household waste – including organics, recyclables and yard waste – from landfill.

Input from participants will be used to develop a list of options for further review over the summer, online and at community events.

“Getting to 65 per cent waste diversion is going to require changes. The systems we have in place have got us to 60 per cent, but we are stuck there and it’s time to make some decisions about waste collection policies and programs,” said Heather Roberts, director, solid waste. “These focus groups, with residents who have taken time to talk with us, will help us decide how to engage the community to divert more.”

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Following the June focus group sessions, the City will host open houses to present the short list of options ahead of drafting recommendations for review by the environment, infrastructure and transportation policies committee. The final waste strategies will be incorporated into the City’s Integrated Waste Management Plan and implemented.

To participate, use the Sign-up Form tab (behind the Forum tab) on the waste strategies page and choose a preferred time.

You can also learn more about what is and is not working with Kingston’s current waste diversion strategies at

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Zaf (cc)