City to Remove Courtesy Crosswalk to Improve Pedestrian Safety

Published on: 2023/05/02 - in News

In an effort to improve pedestrian safety, the City of Kingston will remove the courtesy crosswalk markings in front of City Hall on Ontario Street, coinciding with broader road repairs and underground work, starting May 3.

According to the City, courtesy crossings are not officially recognized by the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario and do not conform to the City’s standards for pedestrian crossings implemented in 2021 to enhance pedestrian safety.

“Vehicles are not required to stop at a courtesy crossing, and the ladder marking on the roadway could create confusion for pedestrians using it,” the City stated.

However, pedestrians will still have the option to cross the road at this location, but they are required to ensure the crossing can be made safely, as with other mid-block uncontrolled crossings. A controlled crossing with signals is also available at Ontario and Clarence Street.

The removal of the courtesy crosswalk will not impact any on-street parking or accessible access, but the curb bulb-out and ramped areas will remain in place.

Furthermore, City staff have initiated conversations with Kingston’s 2SLGBTQ+ community to seek input regarding possible alternate locations for a painted crosswalk or other possible forms of recognition for Pride Month this year and in the future.

The courtesy crossing in front of City Hall was painted in the colours of the progress pride flag during the month of June since 2018 to recognize Kingston’s 2SLGBTQ+ community during Pride Month. The City remains committed to recognizing and celebrating the community and is exploring alternate locations or other possible forms of recognition for Pride Month this year and in the future.

Photo: Google