Construction Crews Celebrate Queen’s Medical School Milestone

Published on: 2010/09/09 - in News

With the placing of the building’s roof in place, construction of Queen’s new School of Medicine has finally passed another milestone. Construction crew celebrated with a traditional “topping off party” to mark the pouring of concrete roof slab on the new structure.

The first two levels of the structure have already been roughed in, with attractive glazed finish pillars an especially remarkable feature. Another distinguishing component of the new $77m structure is the use of natural lighting throughout, including a stunning, three-floor “glass lantern” atrium. The new medical school will also be the first building at the university constructed to certified LEEDS specifications and to comply with new provincial building code seismic requirements.

Mike Finn, the project manager, said “With the roof in place, work on the structural steel penthouse is now underway. We expect to be all closed in by the start of November.”

Commenting on the new structure, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Richard Reznick, added “Construction of the new building means more than just the addition of new facilities. With it comes a spirit of renewal and revitalization. We look towards positive change in the way we educate our health professionals, and we expect Queen’s to be at the leading edge of emerging novel educational processes.”

The new medical school will serve as a hub for innovative medical education, small group teaching, simulation and integrated science labs. In addition, it will act as an integrated center for teaching, research, administrative and student facilities, allowing Queen’s to further build upon the solid foundations of its medical programs and provide the region, province and country with greater access to doctors.

The Canada-Ontario Knowledge Infrastructure Program and the federal government have done much to make this project possible, supporting it monetarily with $28.8M each. An additional $1.94 was provided by Queen’s alumni, friends, faculty and students.

Construction of the new building is currently running on schedule and expected to finish by 2011.


Photo courtesy of the Queen’s University News Centre

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