Kingston’s “Collecting Histories” Exhibition Launches Online

Published on: 2020/05/06 - in News

The official opening of the Collecting Histories exhibition at the PumpHouse, originally scheduled to take place April 2 but delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, is being launched today as an interactive and evolving online experience.

City Curator Paul Robertson describes Collecting Histories as sharing fascinating historical, archival, archaeological and artistic works that form what we refer to as the Civic Collection. The show also looks at the challenges and opportunities we face in building a collection that represents the many facets of our community experience in an inclusive way. The Collecting Histories exhibition was intended to explore the role objects and artifacts play in engaging and inspiring us to learn about local history.

“Communities are vibrant and ever changing. The stories that describe a community’s past events, people, traditions and ideas are its history,” said Jennifer Campbell, Manager of Cultural Heritage at the City of Kingston, in a release. “The Kingston community is experiencing a unique moment right now, and we have an opportunity to explore it and build on our collective history together.”

The City of Kingston’s Get Involved platform is being used to involve the Kingston community in the process of ‘collecting histories’ using online technologies, offering a unique opportunity to help make history until the PumpHouse can re-open. It is hoped that City staff and the public will be brought together online to explore the Civic Collection, sharing objects and artifacts that residents value and working together to remember the COVID-19 pandemic in Kingston’s history.

Participate in this evolving exploration of history as it is being written by visiting the Collecting Histories page. More information about Collecting Histories can be found at the City’s most recent Culture Blog post.

Photo: Benson Kua (cc)