Established Following WW1, The War Amps Also Serves Child Amputees

Published on: 2019/11/11 - in News

The War Amps, established following WW1 to meet the needs of war amputees, continues to serve those who have lost a limb or total eyesight in military service during war as well as all Canadian amputees, including children.

The Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program is funded through public support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service and provides financial assistance for artificial limbs and peer support.

On this Remembrance Day, we present inspirational two-minute profiles released over the past year that feature child amputees who have benefited from the special programs offered through the nonprofit organization.

One day when Darevin was playing, he got too close to a lawn mower and lost his foot. Now, as a Safety Ambassador for The War Amps, he warns kids to spot the danger before they play so that they won’t have a serious accident like he had.

Dylan was enrolled in the CHAMP Program after he developed bacterial meningitis that resulted in multiple amputations. His adaptive bicycle, funded by donations to the Key Tag Service, lets him go on rides with friends and helps him with mobility.

Sophia is proud of the “helping hands” she uses to achieve her goals. Her dad says, “With the support of The War Amps, Sophia has all the tools she needs to overcome the challenges that come with being an amputee.”

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Image: Video screen capture (Sophia)