Open Air Burning Ban Lifted for Kingston and South Frontenac Township

Published on: 2020/05/07 - in News

Kingston Fire & Rescue (KFR) has announced that the total ban on open air burning has been lifted effective today. This follows the previous day’s lifting of a similar ban by nearby Township of South Frontenac.

In regards to the Township, Mayor Ron Vandewal said, “Spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us eager to clean up our yards, but it is important that we do so safely. I want to thank residents for their patience during this difficult time – I know that the past few months have been challenging for all of us, but our community has stood together in order to ensure the safety of all residents.”

KFR advises Kingston residents review the Open Air Burning resource page before any outdoor burning, to learn about the two burn zones (North and South), identify which zone they live in, what is permitted in that zone, and necessary safety precautions.

Some of these safety precautions, according to a City release, include:

  • Remove all vegetation and other material that could spread the fire.
  • Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Keep your fire on a non-combustible surface and away from structures.
  • Have an adequate supply of water available to extinguish or control the fire.
  • Pay attention to wind conditions, smoke and potential spark hazards.
  • To be cautious when disposing of smoking materials.

Community members must also comply with the Environmental Protection Act of Ontario while burning to ensure that smoke does not interfere with the ability of your neighbours to enjoy their properties or conduct their business without disruption. Additionally, be aware of where the smoke will travel – do not burn when there are smog alerts, foggy conditions or wind that will carry your smoke in a direction that will disrupt adjacent roadways or properties.

Township residents are reminded to ensure they are complying with all the safety directives of the Township’s burning Bylaw 2012-68 and be aware that a provincial fire ban enacted by the Ministry of Nature Resources & Forestry (MNRF) is still in place for the northern portion of the Township including Bedford District and Frontenac Provincial Park.

Photo: Mike Peel (cc)