Accident Involving Bicyclist and Bus During Friday Rush Hour

Published on: 2013/08/31 - in News

At approximately 5:25 pm on Friday August 30th, the #4 Kingston Transit bus made contact with a bicyclist who was traveling up Princess Street, just past Taylor Kidd Blvd.

An eyewitness reported hearing the sound of the impact, followed by a passenger at the back of the bus quickly informing the driver.

The bus stopped immediately and the driver called in to report the incident.

Occupants of the bus and other nearby vehicles attended to the cyclist, who appeared to have sustained a laceration to his leg as a result of the accident.

Emergency responders (pictured) that included Paramedics, Police, and Fire & Rescue personnel were soon on scene to assess the individual. The reporting witness was uncertain whether the individual was transported to hospital or if any charges were laid by police.


Photo: Dick Mathison