Avian Flu Detected in Kingston’s Waterfowl Population

Published on: 2024/02/09 - in News

KFL&A Public Health has confirmed the presence of avian flu in dead waterfowl found in Kingston, marking the first confirmed instances of the disease in the region. To date, no cases have been reported in South Frontenac. Public health officials urge residents not to handle sick or dead birds and to report any sightings of sick or dead birds (including waterfowl) to the Ontario Regional Centre of the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative at 866-673-4781 or complete the online reporting tool on the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative website.

For dead birds requiring disposal on private property, residents are advised to use double bagging methods for garbage disposal or bury the carcasses deep enough to prevent further exposure.

The health authorities have provided guidelines for backyard flock owners and pet bird keepers to protect their animals from the flu, emphasizing biosecurity measures recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Pet owners, particularly those with cats and dogs, are advised to keep their animals away from sick or dead birds and to avoid feeding them raw meat from wild birds or poultry.

Despite the concerns for wildlife and domestic animals, KFL&A Public Health reassures the public that avian influenza poses minimal risk to human health. However, they continue to monitor the situation closely and encourage the community to follow safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus.

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