Man Tries to Steal Gas While Police Are Filling Up Cruiser Outside

Published on: 2017/12/20 - in News

Gas pump

Kingston Police reported the arrest of a Harrowsmith man who attempted to steal gas while a police officer was fueling up at the same station.

The incident occurred on Monday, December 18 at approximately 4:15pm, when the 36 year old accused attended a gas station on Division street.

According to police, the man pumped $60 worth of fuel and then entered the store to inform staff he did not have money to pay for the gas.

He allegedly said he would return with payment and provided staff with a false name before fleeing the store.

A Kingston police officer happened to also be fueling up at the station and was alerted about the man by staff.

The officer detained the individual and soon determined his correct name and that he was wanted.  During a search, he was also discovered to be in possession of a can of bear spray.

The accused was transported to police headquarters and held to attend a bail hearing the following day – charged with carrying concealed weapon and for theft.

Photo: Petr Kratochvil (cc)