Army Reserve Members Conduct Training Exercises in Peterborough, Belleville, and Coburg

Published on: 2023/11/04 - in News

In a statement from National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces, it was announced that Army Reserve members from the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment will engage in a training operation this Saturday, November 4, 2023, across Peterborough, Belleville, and Coburg.

This exercise will be highly visible as upwards of 30 soldiers at a time, wearing Canadian Army-issued uniforms and personal protective equipment, will be conducting marches along public roadways. They will carry personal weapons, which, as a safety assurance to the public, will remain unloaded during the exercises.

The local populace is advised to expect the presence of these formations and to exercise caution, especially when driving. A request has been made for the public to reduce speed when encountering the marching troops to ensure safety.

The aim of this drill is multifaceted, primarily to acclimate Army Reserve members to function in diverse weather conditions and to sustain their physical readiness. The regimen involves soldiers carrying standard equipment, which is a critical aspect of their preparedness. Such routine exercises are integral to ensuring that the Canadian soldiers are primed for both domestic operations, such as response to natural disasters like floods and wildfires, as well as international missions that focus on global stability alongside partners and allies.

Photo: 33 Canadian Brigade Group