South Frontenac Greenlights Additional Dwelling Units

Published on: 2024/01/24 - in News

The South Frontenac Township has officially opened doors for homeowners to build additional dwelling units (ADUs), such as basement apartments, in-law suites, or rental units, following the recent passage of new bylaws. These bylaws, a modification to both the Official Plan and Zoning By-law, were approved by the South Frontenac Council in September 2023 and subsequently by the Frontenac County in December 2023.

ADUs are self-contained residential spaces, equipped with essential amenities, situated on properties already housing a primary residence. Homeowners in South Frontenac are now permitted to add up to two such units: one within the main residence and another in an accessory structure, totaling three distinct living spaces on a single property.

Mayor Ron Vandewal underscored the significance of ADUs in addressing the housing challenge in the rural township. “Additional dwelling units are a creative solution to provide more housing options. For property owners, they are a way of potentially generating income to help offset housing costs. For people needing a place to live, they can provide an affordable alternative to owning a home or paying high rent,” stated Mayor Vandewal. He further noted the alignment of these units with the vision of fostering a ‘welcoming and thriving rural community’, as they enable seniors to age in place and assist young families in their initial phase.

While homeowners interested in constructing an ADU must fulfill certain prerequisites regarding water supply, sewage, access, and parking, successful compliance will lead to the issuance of a zoning certificate, followed by eligibility for a building permit.

However, the township has set forth specific limitations for waterfront properties, including a prohibition on ADUs in floodplains, within 90 meters of a lake or river, or within 300 meters of highly sensitive lakes.

Louise Fragnito, Chief Administrative Officer, emphasized the township’s commitment to responsible and sustainable growth. “While we want to support the Province’s goal of building more homes faster, as a rural municipality, we still need to make sure we are growing responsibly and sustainably,” remarked Fragnito. She highlighted that the introduction of ADUs is a stride towards achieving broader housing goals, offering a diverse array of housing options to cater to the varied needs within the community.

The initiative aligns with the Ontario government’s ambition to erect 1.5 million homes over the upcoming decade, as articulated in the “More Homes, Built Faster: Ontario’s Housing Supply” Action Plan.

For detailed information about additional dwelling units, visit or contact the planning department via email at

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