Kingston Musicians Wanted for YGK Music 2023 Playlists

Published on: 2023/03/07 - in News

Kingston musicians have the opportunity to have their music featured as part of YGK Music 2023, an annual program that showcases local talent. The City of Kingston is currently seeking submissions from musicians, groups, and organizations that would like to participate. The 30 tracks selected will be made available for listening on the City website, Visit Kingston website, SoundCloud, and the call waiting system. The deadline to apply is March 28, 2023.

Danika Lochhead, Manager of Arts and Sector Development, expressed the significance of the program in celebrating the local talent. “Through this program we are able to celebrate the immense talent that Kingston musicians have to offer,” she said. “These playlists are one way of showcasing the diverse scope of local musicians and share their incredible work with a broader audience.”

The submission evaluation process will be handled by a Local Music Working Group consisting of volunteer members with music expertise in Kingston. Each musician, group, or organization that is featured will receive an honorarium of $150 for use of their selected track. The playlists are expected to be available for listening in June 2023.

Since the program launched in September 2019, YGK Music playlists have had over 6,600 plays on SoundCloud. Additionally, through the City of Kingston’s call waiting system, callers have daily exposure to YGK Music. In 2022, YGK Music was featured as part of the Love Kingston Marketplace, with local musicians’ work being broadcast in Springer Market Square and YGK Music artists being featured as part of live performances in the Square.

The development of a Kingston Music Strategy will build on the vibrant local music scene and talent, identify recommendations that will strengthen the local music economy, better support musicians, businesses, and industry, and guide the City and its partners on how to fully realize Kingston as a music city. More information about the Kingston Music Strategy can be found on the City of Kingston website.

There will be two playlists featured as part of YGK Music 2023. The first playlist, Kingston Sounds, will feature tracks by local musicians from a range of genres, including rock, pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, indie, classical jazz, blues, folk, and world music. The second playlist, Music on Hold, will offer local music on the City’s phone system and will feature jazz and classical instrumental tracks created by Kingston musicians.

The YGK Music program not only provides exposure for local musicians, but it also serves as an opportunity for the community to discover the breadth of talent present in Kingston’s music scene.

Photo: Pexels (cc)