New Kingston Water Quality Reports Available

Published on: 2020/02/24 - in News

According to a City release, Utilities Kingston has now posted the 2019 annual reports on drinking water quality, prepared in response to Ontario Regulation 170 of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The reports outlining how the systems operate are available from Utilities Kingston. The utilities says that a series of filtration, treatment, monitoring and backup systems are in place to continually supply all homes and businesses within the urban area of Kingston with high quality drinking water that meets or exceeds the province’s strict water quality standards.

Test results for the King St. Water Treatment Plant and Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant (serving central and west Kingston, respectively), and the Cana Water Treatment System (serving part of the Kingston East community) are contained in the 2019 reports.

Reports are free to the public and can be obtained from Utilities Kingston at City Hall, 216 Ontario Street, and online at Utilities Kingston’s Water page.

Photo: MaxPixel (cc0 pd)